Windows 10 - First Look

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Preview earlier this week. I tried it out. On my wife's laptop - like they suggested. Actually, they didn't. But do not install it on your primary or production system.

Three things I tried out right away -

  1. The "Start" screen combines best of both world - The old Windows Start menu with search box + the Windows 8 start screen. This is the default view. Which means no more disconnect between the tiled start screen and the desktop view. Of course, you can maximize the start screen.
  2. Snapping desktop apps side-by-side. This was possible earlier only with "metro" style apps on Windows 8. Totally useful if you do not have multiple monitors.
  3. Copy-paste in the command line!
Make sure to use the free upgrade which is valid only a year after release (post May 2015) to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

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