We are all co-founders.

At least we ought to think and act like it.

I was passively watching a video about Agile software development when one line caught my attention -

You are as responsible as the person who asked you to do it.

Martin Fowler, the presenter at that conference, was venting his frustration around product teams chalking up stories which engineering churns out into features.

I then googled for the meaning of engineer.

Engineer (verb)
to skillfully arrange for something to occur

Vow. I liked that definition and how it did not mention technology. Nor did it mention processes, designs, systems, trade-offs, learning, experiments, iterations.

The term co-founder serve as a good metaphor here. For ownership and commitment towards effectively solving a problem.

With that definition in mind, we ought to know how our engineering efforts are stacking up against a fundamental goal. Because every other goal or metric or decision can be derived from it. Only then will we be able to truly assess every task we complete or will set out to do.

Simplify Hiring — is not only our tag line at Recruiterbox but also a compass that drives all our efforts. Most other goals are derivations of that — Delight Customers. Understand Problems. Deliver Faster.

Nobody has all the answers. Nor the best answers. That is, after all, what we are here to explore. On a journey with the people seeking solutions and those solving it alongside you.

Call to action: If you haven’t found what questions you can use to evaluate your efforts against it’s probably time to ask someone.

I’m also eager to here about your thoughts on the topic. Don’t hesitate to chime in.

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